♥ about jessica ♥


{{the short version}}
I'm Jessica. Self-taught jewelry designer, marathon-running fitness freak, mommy to two fabulously energetic boys, and wife to the ultimate sports fanatic husband. 

This is my blog....the place where I live to tell about all my jewelry-making and fashion-loving adventures, all while trying to survive in a house full of testosterone. I specialize in designing show-stopping statement necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that are guaranteed to impress. Come along with me and enjoy the ride...

{{the long version}}
 I grew up in the semi-small town of Neenah, Wisconsin with a long-standing love for jewelry and accessories of all kinds. Anyone who knew me as a child will tell you that I was always the "girly-girl" type who dressed in bright colors and quirky accessories. Not surprisingly, anyone who currently knows me will likely tell you the same thing 

I graduated college in 2006 from Marquette University in Milwaukee with my Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree (BSN). In December of 2006, I married the love of my life, Brandon. Before moving back to our hometown of Neenah, I worked for two years in the Pediatric ICU as a Peds Critical Care RN at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. I have two wonderful little boys, ages 4 and 18 months. I currently create my jewelry collections from my home so that I am able to be with my sons.

When I’m not in mommy-mode or creating jewelry, I also have a significant passion for running, cycling, and training for various races. Endurance sports and staying in shape have become an incredibly important part of my life. I have completed multiple half-marathons, marathons, and duathlons, and I have plans to complete many more in the future.

{{jewelry design}}
With each passing year, my enthusiasm for accessories has continued to strengthen and grow. But my favorite jewelry pieces by far have always been the quirky, colorful, and sassy pieces, as they undoubtedly represent my personality and personal style the best.  

Upon considering all my years of jewelry wearing and jewelry exploring, I determined that the colorful and quirky accessories I love the most are all too often the most expensive…and the most breakable. As a result, I finally decided to take matters into my own hands…and my passion for jewelry-making was born.

Right from the start, I was on a mission to create bold, distinctive jewelry that effectively stood out from its mass-produced, department store counterparts. I also wanted every piece of jewelry I created to meet three main goals: (1) to look amazing, (2) to not break into pieces, and (3) to not break the bank. After lots of trial and error, constructive feedback, and an ever-increasing desire to turn my passion for jewelry into a business, {jewelry by jessica theresa} was born Spring 2011. 

OK that’s enough about me. For now. I think.... Anyways, enjoy my blog!