Monday, October 31, 2011

Updated Facebook Page!

So yesterday during naptime, I experimented with the latest Facebook Fan page gadget....the "Landing Page"! What the heck is that, you ask?

Well, it's the very FIRST page you see when you click on a Fan Page, hence the name "Landing Page" or "Welcome" page. Since I am a "small business" and must figure out how to do everything myself, I took the afternoon yesterday to conquer the task of making one. Here is my finished product!

Basically, the concept is that the "Welcome" page is supposed to entice people to "Like" your fan page, as you not-so-discretely direct them...with a nice big ol' the "Like" button. The cool thing?? Once they "like" the page, they get redirected to another "Welcome" page with a special message/coupon code for {{Fans}} only!!

So, go "Like" my page already, will ya!!?? ;-)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Treasury Feature: "I Love Cuffs!"

Since I have recently ventured into the world of handmade cuffs, I just had to make an Etsy Treasury List this morning featuring all the cuffs I have "Favorited". These artists have inspired me and impressed me so much! So I invite you all to oogle at these amazing creations with me! __________________________________________________________________________

'I Love Cuffs! ' by JewelryByJessicaT

I have recently ventured into the world of handmade cuffs, and I just had to create a treasury featuring all the amazing talent here on Etsy that has inspired me so much. I am featuring this Treasury on my blog too!

Firelight Bead Embroide...

Beaded Stone Cuff Brace...

Beaded Cuff Bracelet in...

Mystical Garden - prett...

Beaded Cuff Bracelet P...

Beaded jewelry. Freefor...

SALE 25% OFF - Purple B...

Custom Bridal Cuff (Sho...


Fabric Beaded Cuff Brac...

Chocolate and Caramel C...

Bohemian hippie bracele...

Rhinestone Pearl Cuff B...

Gold Pearl Cuff Bracele...

BLUE Crystal Cuff Brac...

Bead Embroidered Turquo...

Pictures of my Cuff :-)

My husband often assumes the role of "photographer" when it comes to my jewelry business, and last night he decided to snap a few pictures of me with my beloved new cuff. Yes, the one that I am not selling because I made it perfectly sized to my wrist and incorporated my {{jewelry by jessica theresa}} colors, of course!

So, enjoy! And pardon the lack of hair and makeup. I'm not ALWAYS fully dressed and me! ;-)

 My husband told me to pretend I was "deep in thought". By the way, I am not an actress.

Alrighty that's enough for now. Gotta go and get my 40-miler bike ride in before the kiddos wake up. ;-)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

New Website Design!

So. I redesigned by website. :-)

All you have to do is type in and you will find everything! All the links you need. <3 

I'd love feedback! What do you all think? As my 4-year old always says...."Talk to me! What do you think, mama? Talk to me!"

Feel free to let me know what you love/hate about the new design. Those of you who know me can likely vouch for the fact that I love to write and love to blog. I have blogged on and off for the last 10 years or so, mostly as a way to satisfy my love for writing. Therefore, now that I've started my jewelry business, I really want to get back into avid blogging again and connect with everyone. So please join me?

Anyways! I thought you all would like to know that I have learned how to "mommy rap". My 4-year continuously asks me to "sing" to him (not sure why...have you ever heard my voice? Most people plug their ears. Just sayin'...) For some unknown reason, instead of singing our usual songs, I decided to try some freestylin' today. Why? No clue. But one of my "mommy raps" went something like this:

My name is Mommy..
I like to wear pink..
Jewelry makes me happy..
And Kaden really stinks!

I'm pretty sure I opened a can of worms after singing my first "mommy rap", because my kids have been asking me NONSTOP for me to "freestyle" for them. Non. Stop. 

Ok I'm being summoned to sing again. I will leave you all with a picture of me and my 4-year old making jewelry together... <3

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

One More Cuff for the {[Beaded Cuff Collection}}!

I made one more {{Beaded Cuff}} last night....mostly because I love them so much....and now I'm ready to list the collection on Etsy! When I first create a new collection, I usually wait to "list" it on Etsy until I have at least 3 or 4 pieces made. It feels more like a formal "collection" when I have a few different color combinations completed in each design by the time I'm ready to introduce it to the world!

I'm working on the Etsy listings now, so stay tuned!

 This next cuff features varying shades of rose pink, light pink, black, graphite, gold, and almond!
This fabulous color combination was actually chosen by my 4-year old son. Anyone who knows my little Kaden will tell you that he is the most color coordinated little boy in town. We definitely do not splurge on designer kids clothes in our house, but my children are both amazingly talented at color coordination! When it comes to personal style, I'm a FIRM believer that it's not the price of your clothing that's how you wear it and what accessories you wear with it!
 Anyways, my son Kaden is extremely interested in color. He is not only very particular about what HE wears, as Kaden is very contentious of what everyone in our household wears. He will call out his daddy if and when Brandon sits in his PJs for too long on any given weekend morning. He will scold me for not matching my running shoes to my running apparel for the day. And he has no problem telling his little brother to go change his shirt when it's too messy. It's cute and a point.
Anyways, since this bracelet features both silver findings AND gold beads, it can be worn with silver OR gold jewelry!

Why am I always so conscientious of silver and gold, you ask? Well, my wedding bands are a yellow gold, so metal color is always something I've been super conscious of. ♥
And why not add a flower! I spent a little time yesterday playing around with all my different colored flowers. This particular cuff looks amazing with this muted gold flower, or even a light pink and black flower! Or...all three! Why not? ♥
This cuff, like my others, features a 2-inch extender chain, therefore it can be worn tight to the wrist (as an official "cuff") or looser like a bangle.
When wearing the cuffs with the (totally removable, attached with broach pin) flower, I like to fasten them tighter to my wrist so it doesn't move around.
Fabulous with a black flower too! Since all of my flowers used in my {{jewelry by jessica theresa}} creations are attached to broach pins, you can place the flowers wherever you see fit!
Cuff, bangle, or however you decide to wear it, I can guarantee you will garner lots of compliments! Like I mentioned previously, I made a fun cuff just like this for myself (it's super, lavender, and graphite gray of course!) and when I wore it running errands yesterday, I received three unsolicited compliments! SOOO elated! ♥

OK that's all for now. Time to go finish the Etsy listings!

Fabulous Fan Apprecation Sale!

♥ ♥FABULOUS FAN APPRECIATION SALES during the month of November!!♥ ♥
 ♥30 Days….30% off!!♥

Starting November 1, each of my collections at my Etsy Store will be featured for 5 days at a 30% discount! Including {{Custom Collection}} orders! This fabulous month-long sale will be available for FACEBOOK Fans only! The Discount Code for each collection sale will be listed on my Facebook Fan page on the first day of the collection sale. (Example…the {{Intricate Collection}} discount code will be listed November 6th, etc).

♥November 1 – 5: The {{Beaded Rope Collection}} will be 30% off! Including Beaded Rope {{Custom}} orders!
♥November 6 – 10: The {{Intricate Collection}} will be 30% off! Including Intricate {{Custom}} orders!
♥November 11 – 15: The {{Twisted Collection}} will be 30% off! Including Twisted {{Custom}} orders!
♥November 16 – 20: The {{Sparkle Collection}} will be 30% off! Including Sparkle {{Custom}} orders!
♥November 21 – 25: The {{Fringe Collection}} will be 30% off! Including Fringe {{Custom}} orders!
♥November 26 – 30: The {{Beaded Cuff Collection}} will be 30% off! Including Beaded Cuff {{Custom}} orders!

**So if you’ve been eying up one of my creations, November is your time for great deals! But remember, this is for Facebook Fans only! Help spread the {{jewelry by jessica theresa}} love by recommending my page to all your friends. My creations make fabulous gifts! {{hint hint}} 

♥ ♥Your support means everything to me! Thanks again, {{Fans}}!!! ♥ ♥

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I'm obsessed! More {{Beaded Cuff Collection}}....


So late late LATE last night (you don't even want to know what time I went to bed. Four to five hours of sleep max seems to be the norm for me lately, which is not recommended, not necessarily healthy, not very unusual since giving birth to my boys, but very typical for me nowadays. As soon as the boys are in bed, I FLOCK to my {{creation station}} and go to town!). Anyways, nice and late last night, I finished up a {{Beaded Cuff}} that I made just for ME.

Why just for me? Because it's made with SUPER girly colors (pink, lavender, black, and gray), and most people on this earth aren't QUITE as girly as I am. Therefore, I'm thinking a creation so wonderfully girly should be reserved for ME every once and awhile, right? Maybe I will take pictures of it....because it's fabulous and accented by a pretty pink flower of course! I need girly stuff in my life. I live in a house brimming with testosterone 24/7.

I digress....

I'm excited because when I sported my new cuff to the grocery store this morning, I received THREE totally unsolicited compliments, which of course elated me to no end. To have a compliment or two by random people on something I worked to hard on seriously gives me warm fuzzies for days. :-)

Anyways, I don't have pictures of my girly cuff, but I DO have pictures of this fabulous {{Beaded Cuff Collection}} cuff I made yesterday with awesomely coordinating Fall colors!

As you can see, I made this cuff in bold shades of red, black, and coppery bronze. All three colors blend together for a fabulous Fall bracelet!
Due to the shimmery gold and brown tones in the bronze beads, this cuff can be worn with silver and/or gold accessories. In addition, this cuff will look fabulous with either black or brown clothing! I love it when accessories can be so versatile.... :-)
Why not add a flower to make it EXTRA feminine?

Ever seen something like this in a store? Didn't think so.... ;-)
And if you HAVE found a cuff like this in a store, please tell me where so I can go bug them and ask them to sell MY cuffs instead... ;-)


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Monday, October 24, 2011

Next Up....{{Beaded Cuffs} with Glass Seed Beads

Next seed bead cuffs!

Last night, I experimented with my trusty supply of glass seed beads. This bracelet is made of multiple strands of glass seed beads, woven together to make one outstanding {{Beaded Cuff}}!!

For this cuff, I decided to string together 12 different strands of shiny little seed beads. I used three different "main" colors.....browns, whites, and greens....and then used some varying shades within each group.

The "browns" include chocolate brown, bronze, and copper. The "greens" include forest green and teal blue. And the "whites" include creamy ivory and shiny clear.
When braided together, this color combo really goes well together!

And true to my {{jewelry by jessica theresa}} style, I decided to experiment with some flowers on my cuffs! The photographs don't do these justice, but in person, the cuff and matching flowers look SO FUN and SO unique together!
The flowers are totally adjustable and removable, so you can place them wherever your heart desires. I'm totally in love with this cuff!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

More {{Beaded Cuff Collection}}! Pink, Black, and Creamy Ivory...

Another {{Beaded Cuff}}!! This time, I just had to use my all-time favorite colors...rosy pink, black, and creamy white! Perhaps it's no surprise that my entire {{jewelry by jessica theresa}} business theme is done in these colors? ;-)

Although these earrings didn't really photograph well, I made some coordinating Pink and White pearl dangle earrings with super sparkly pink and white crystal beads! I used the same beads in the bracelet, but these pictures do NOT capture the sparkle.
The earrings are super lightweight and super comfortable to wear! Although I'm not an earring expert (YET! Give me time!), I thought these weren't too shabby... :-)
And because I LOOOVE to make a {{statement}} with my jewelry, I added some coordinating and stackable pearl toggle bracelets to really add that {{jewelry by jessica theresa}} WOW factor!
Pair all these with a fitted black turtleneck, a light pink scarf, some skinny jeans and fabulous black boots...and you are good to go! Even to the grocery store. Not that I will admit to dressing up to go grocery shopping.... ;-)

Well, maybe I will admit it.

I'm newly obsessed with cuffs. I want to make like 500 in different color combos.

My husband thinks I should start taking pictures of my outfits for the day to demonstrate how I coordinate all my accessories together. I looooove creating new outfits each morning by simply switching up my accessories.

I wear a lot of solid color clothing, which mostly consists of tried-and-true staples like tank tops, cardigans, fitted t-shirts, simple fitted sweaters, and lots of leggings and fun boots. But you can really pump up your own personal style with accessories! I switch mine up all the time...sometimes multiple times per day, since I'm a little obsessive....but I promise that fun accessories can make the exact same outfit look entirely different each time you wear it.
Enjoy! All my cuffs will be up on Etsy soon!