Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I'm obsessed! More {{Beaded Cuff Collection}}....


So late late LATE last night (you don't even want to know what time I went to bed. Four to five hours of sleep max seems to be the norm for me lately, which is not recommended, not necessarily healthy, not very unusual since giving birth to my boys, but very typical for me nowadays. As soon as the boys are in bed, I FLOCK to my {{creation station}} and go to town!). Anyways, nice and late last night, I finished up a {{Beaded Cuff}} that I made just for ME.

Why just for me? Because it's made with SUPER girly colors (pink, lavender, black, and gray), and most people on this earth aren't QUITE as girly as I am. Therefore, I'm thinking a creation so wonderfully girly should be reserved for ME every once and awhile, right? Maybe I will take pictures of it....because it's fabulous and accented by a pretty pink flower of course! I need girly stuff in my life. I live in a house brimming with testosterone 24/7.

I digress....

I'm excited because when I sported my new cuff to the grocery store this morning, I received THREE totally unsolicited compliments, which of course elated me to no end. To have a compliment or two by random people on something I worked to hard on seriously gives me warm fuzzies for days. :-)

Anyways, I don't have pictures of my girly cuff, but I DO have pictures of this fabulous {{Beaded Cuff Collection}} cuff I made yesterday with awesomely coordinating Fall colors!

As you can see, I made this cuff in bold shades of red, black, and coppery bronze. All three colors blend together for a fabulous Fall bracelet!
Due to the shimmery gold and brown tones in the bronze beads, this cuff can be worn with silver and/or gold accessories. In addition, this cuff will look fabulous with either black or brown clothing! I love it when accessories can be so versatile.... :-)
Why not add a flower to make it EXTRA feminine?

Ever seen something like this in a store? Didn't think so.... ;-)
And if you HAVE found a cuff like this in a store, please tell me where so I can go bug them and ask them to sell MY cuffs instead... ;-)

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