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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Intrroducing...The Fringe Bracelet Collection!

Introducing....the {{Fringe BRACELET}] Collection!

Due to the increasing popularity of my "Fringe Necklaces", and the frequent inquires about whether or not I make "Fringe Bracelets", it was time to debut this new collection! Let's start with my very first bracelet, as seen below!

These {{Fringe Bracelet Collection}} beauties are made with the same high quality glass beads, glass pearls, and crystals that my "Fringe Necklaces" are made with, but now they come fit for your wrist!
This first {[Fringe Bracelet}} shown here is made in beautiful shades of deep pink, rosy pink, light pink, and pearly white. It features literally hundreds of glass pearls, glass beads, and faceted crystal beads.

Each bracelet measures about 7 inches in length from end to clasp, but are entirely adjustable. They all feature a 2-inch extender clasp, and they are made with a super strong cable chain. The sturdy lobster clasp easily fits any of the chain links, therefore it's essentially adjustable the entire way around!

It's an incredibly sparkly, incredibly eye-catching party for your wrist!

And what {{jewelry by jessica theresa}} creation is complete without one of my signature flowers! This light pink flower features shimmery deep pink crystal beads in the middle, to perfectly accent the bracelet!
I take "wearable art" entirely to the next level with this {[Fringe Bracelet}}! I dare you to find a replica in a store!
Get yours today! 10% off custom orders during the month of December! :-)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Make ANY Necklace a "Mini Statement" Necklace!!!

This past weekend, I really started getting down to business with making my OWN Christmas creations to give as gifts. I've been so busy making all these custom creations for everyone else, that I sort of forgot about my OWN gift-giving list. Oops. Hopefully I can get them all done in time...while keeping up with all my other orders of course! Trying to find the right "balance" is always a work-in-progress, but I think I'm doing pretty OK for now! ;-) 

Although my husband did make me take both Friday night AND Saturday night off this past weekend from jewelry-making to indulge in some delicious wine and watch movies together as a family. I happily obliged... ;-)

Anyways, I have been thinking long and hard about what to give my niece, Ella for Christmas this year. Ella just turned 8 years old, and this girl is very near and dear to my heart. Not only is she my Goddaughter, but she is also the daughter-I-never-had. We look very much alike (people often mistaken her as my daughter whenever we are together. We've even been called sisters!), and we literally have the exact same taste in clothes, fashion, sports, etc. She is officially my mini-me. She's a runner, a lover of pink, adores jewelry and accessories, and loves to style her hair with pretty flowers. 

We are both girly-girls to the core....but we are both very athletic and we both pride ourselves in being able to run faster and farther than all the boys. She says she wants to run a marathon with me someday. Love. Her. 

Anyways, I really wanted to make Ella something cool for Christmas this year, so I decided to make her a {{Mini Statement}} necklace to match the Fringe Necklace I created for ME this past weekend! Here is what I came up with!

Sooo, how about we take the {{Mommy and Me Collection}} a step further? And make matching FRINGE COLLECTION "Mommy and Me" statement necklaces?!

I've been itching to make {{Mini Statement}} necklaces out of my Woman's versions for quite awhile now, and I finally committed myself to it this past weekend! After I made my own {{Fringe Collection}} necklace, I just had to try a {{Mini Statement}} necklace to match it for Miss Ella!!

It features all the same colored beads, pearls, and crystals that I used in my {{Mommy Statement}} Fringe Collection necklace. But with this smaller version, I used smaller pearls, smaller crystals, and less "Fringe".

I promise it's not too heavy, as my 4-year old son insisted on "trying it out" for awhile. He instantly thought of some of his little girly-friends at school that "this necklace would look beautiful on"! Such a ladies man, that kid!

It measures about 12 inches around, but since I make my Fringe necklaces with a SUPER sturdy cable chain, its practically adjustable around the entire thing. The clasp slips easily around any chain link. It fit my neck snuggly, and it obviously fit my son's neck perfectly!

I also include a 2-inch extender chain to make sure Ella...or YOUR wee able to wear this darling necklace for YEARS!

It's sooo so darling in person!

Here is my version of the {{Mommy Statement}} necklace! I'm in LOOOOVE with the colors! Deep pink, rosy pink, light pink, and pearly white. Love love love.

The {{Mommy Statement}} is about 16 inches in length from end to clasp, so it can easily be worn as a "choker" for a special event. But it also has a 2-inch extender chain so that it can be worn much lower on the chest if you prefer. :-)

Aren't they awesome!!! I'm now ready to make ANY of my statement necklaces into a "Mommy and Me" necklace pair! Click on the link below, and let's get started on a custom order tailored just for YOU and your LIL ONE! :-)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Custom Fringe Necklace....for ME!

After making 3 custom {{Fringe Collection}} necklaces over the course of a week, I couldn't take it anymore, as each one was getting increasingly harder to part with.....

So, whats a devoted jewelry lover to do??
MAKE MY OWN! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Yes, this beauty is all mine! I make it with all-time favorite color combination, rosy pink, light pink, and white! It just oozes girlishness, and essentially matches half my wardrobe already. ;-)

After referencing this {{Fringe Collection}} necklace to a few friends of mine, they convinced me to snap pictures and show it off! So here it is. :-) I can't take it off!

I wore it out and about to do some Christmas shopping yesterday with my husband and kiddos, and I received five...yes FIVE compliments on this necklace in a 2-hour time period! My oh-so-amazing husband....who is trying to become my official {{jewelry by jessica theresa}} CEO....was immediately ready to whip out my business cards to each person who complimented by necklace! I already received one email inquiry about a replica! YES!

I wasn't planning on taking the time to snap pictures of this necklace, but after referencing this {{Fringe Collection}} necklace to a few friends of mine, they convinced me to show it off anyways. :-)

I pour my heart and SOUL into every statement creation I make. And I have found (the hard way) that the ONLY way I am ok with "parting" with my creations once they are sold and I send them off, is to take a little break from customs every once and awhile and MAKE MY OWN! It makes it much easier to part with my creations if I have MY very own {jewelry by jessica theresa} jewelry hanging around my neck at all times! ♥

This necklace features literally hundreds and hundreds of glass pearls and crystals, in gorgeous shades of deep pink, rosy pink, light pink, and pearly white. It reminds me of Valentine's day, but I'm going to pretend its my ultimate girly-icy-wintery creation for the cold season..

Baby, it's cold outside! So I've gotta have something to brighten up my day when our brutal Wisconsin winters get long.
Do you want a custom {{Fringe Collection}} necklace of your own?! You KNOW you do! Click on the link below to get started!

Or wanting to give your husband/boyfriend/
significant other a big fat hint about what you want for xmas??? Slip him my email address and I will take care of the rest!!!!!!!


Friday, December 9, 2011

More Fringe! More Fun!

I've already done two custom {{Fringe Collection}} necklaces this past week, and since it's so fun to work with an entirely different set of tools, I was super excited to get another custom order for a fabulous "Fringe" necklace! 
I'm totally on a {{Fringe Collection}} kick! Now that I have re-vamped my chain/clasp technique and added an extender chain to all my necklaces, this necklace can be SOOO versatile and fun! These necklaces are now adjustable up to 2 inches in length!

As delicate as my {{Fringe Colleciton}} necklaces may look, I can promise these beauties are incredibly sturdy. I'm obsessive about resiliency when it comes to my designs....thanks to my two fabulously energetic little they have given me wonderful training when it comes to durability!

Case in point....I let my 4-year old shake this necklace like crazy for a few seconds before I re-examined it and packaged it up. Nothing came loose and every "fringe" is super secure!

This {{Fringe Collection}} necklace is another custom order for a fabulous repeat customer. Its made with pretty shades of rosy pink, silver, light gray, and purple. So girly and SOOO striking together!

It features literally hundreds and hundreds of pearls and crystals. Over 1/3 of my Fringe necklaces are made of sparkly faceted crystals! They are so eye-catching in person,. Unfortunately, my camera....thanks to my amazingly awesome (not) point-n-click digital camera....simply cannot capture the amazing sparkle. 

Nowadays, I also coordinate each (removable) fabric flower to perfectly match the necklace itself, as I sew the middles of my flowers with the same beads I used in the necklace.

Hope she loves it!

Get your very own {{Fringe Collection}} necklace here!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Wintery "Twisted" Custom Creation!

Flu update: We are all starting to feel a little better and more energetic! Finally! Ok, enough about the flu. Let's get down to "business"...
Here is another custom creation for a lovely customer of mine! This time, it's a {{Twisted Collection}} custom. I'm loving the variety lately!! :-) 
This wonderful repeat customer requested a {{Twisted Collection}} statement necklace, made in various shades of blue, blue, and more blue!

This necklace is made of 6 long strands of all glass beads, crystals, and pearls.

The first two strands are made with pearls, crystals, and seed beads in beautiful shades of sky blue. ♥
The next two strands are made with pearls, crystals, and seed beads in brilliant shades of deep blue and navy. ♥
Then the last two strands are made with pearls, crystals, and seed beads in bright shades of teal blue. ♥

All six strands were then carefully braided and "Twisted" together to give it the ultimate {{Twisted}} look.
Add a coordinating deep teal blue fabric flower, and we've got ourselves a brilliant blue statement!

This necklace also features a 2-inch extender chain to give the length lots of versatility. Hope she enjoys it!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wednesday...Recovery Day!

Well, we are all still recovering from the flu. I feel very weak and useless today, and I swear my kids both look a lot skinnier. They both have on their "stretchy" PJs (the tighter fitting, long underwear-looking kind), and they both look scrawny! When we all feel better, I'm going to need to plump them both up a bit before our "well-child" checks at the doctor's office next week. My kids are both already on the "lower end" of the growth charts for weight...and always have been.....but I hope they didn't dip too much from this past week! I think some ginormous helpings of avocado, olive oil, and maybe some extra Christmas cookies are in order once these kiddos are recovered!

My husband came home from work this morning with all the symptoms my kiddos and I have already been suffering from. Poor guy. He's a dentist, and his office was NOT exactly happy with his early departure, since he was the only dentist in house today. But I'm sure his patients don't want their dental work done by a contagiously ill dentist!

I need to care for all THREE of my baby boys today (why don't mommy's get sick days?!), so here are a few snapshots of my latest creation for my{{Mommy and Me Collection}}, made for an amazing mama and her adorable soon-to-be-four year old daughter!

The younger recipient of this stylish necklace duo LOVES the color purple, so she requested a necklace made with lots of purple and a splash of blue.

With or without the flowers, both necklaces are still super stunning. :-)

The {mini statement} necklace features four cascading strands of glass beads, made to perfectly coordinate with the {mommy statement} necklace. All the beads in this necklace are smaller and very appropriately sized for the wee ones! It also features a 2-inch extender chain at the back of the necklace, to allow for plenty of room to grow! It fit my 4-year old son (he insisted on trying it on before we packaged it up, since this is for his good friend Hayden!), and it fit me! It's very versatile, thanks to that extra chain.

The {mommy statement} necklace features five cascading strands of glass beads, made in various shades of pretty purples and some splashes of royal blue to give it a little extra punch of color.

A super bright purple fabric flower completes the look. I sewed the middle of the flower with the same beads I used in the necklace, to really bring everything together! The royal blue crystal beads really "pop"!

But those bright purple flowers are rather irresistible, aren't they? Happy Birthday, Hayden! :-)

Get your very own {{Mommy and Me Collection}} set here:

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

SICK Sick sick......

This little family of mine is grossly ill with the flu right now. The really yucky coming out both ends in rapid succession. Enough said. 

Usually, illnesses slowly make their way around our family one-by-one. But not this time. This flu hit me and 4-year old almost simultaneously., and the baby is still suffering from his round,  so all three of us are currently snuggled up in our bed. We all have fevers, chills, body aches, pukes, poops, and everything in between. Probably should stop there.... 

Anyways, I will still upload pics of my recent projects! Here is a cute {{Mommy and Me Collection}} set I am donating to our local Le Leche League's annual Christmas fundraiser! 

Both necklaces feature 3-4 cascading strands of glass beads, in pretty shades of turquoise blue, black, graphite, gray, and silver!

This is the {mommy statement} necklace for mamas of all shapes and sizes! It features four strands of glass beads, pearls, and crystals, all designed to perfectly compliment the {mini statement} necklace!

This is the {mini statement} necklace for little girls of all ages. Both necklaces feature a perfectly coordinating teal blue fabric flower, which is attached to a broach pin and totally removable. :-) It also has a 2-inch extender chain at the back of the necklace, to allow for plenty of "room to grow"!

Get your very own {{Mommy and Me Collection}} necklaces here!!!!

And don't forget the 10% off coupon during the month of December! :-)
Alrighty, me and my kiddies need to go back to bed!!! Here's to hoping this flu is GONE by tomorrow! :-/