Monday, December 12, 2011

Make ANY Necklace a "Mini Statement" Necklace!!!

This past weekend, I really started getting down to business with making my OWN Christmas creations to give as gifts. I've been so busy making all these custom creations for everyone else, that I sort of forgot about my OWN gift-giving list. Oops. Hopefully I can get them all done in time...while keeping up with all my other orders of course! Trying to find the right "balance" is always a work-in-progress, but I think I'm doing pretty OK for now! ;-) 

Although my husband did make me take both Friday night AND Saturday night off this past weekend from jewelry-making to indulge in some delicious wine and watch movies together as a family. I happily obliged... ;-)

Anyways, I have been thinking long and hard about what to give my niece, Ella for Christmas this year. Ella just turned 8 years old, and this girl is very near and dear to my heart. Not only is she my Goddaughter, but she is also the daughter-I-never-had. We look very much alike (people often mistaken her as my daughter whenever we are together. We've even been called sisters!), and we literally have the exact same taste in clothes, fashion, sports, etc. She is officially my mini-me. She's a runner, a lover of pink, adores jewelry and accessories, and loves to style her hair with pretty flowers. 

We are both girly-girls to the core....but we are both very athletic and we both pride ourselves in being able to run faster and farther than all the boys. She says she wants to run a marathon with me someday. Love. Her. 

Anyways, I really wanted to make Ella something cool for Christmas this year, so I decided to make her a {{Mini Statement}} necklace to match the Fringe Necklace I created for ME this past weekend! Here is what I came up with!

Sooo, how about we take the {{Mommy and Me Collection}} a step further? And make matching FRINGE COLLECTION "Mommy and Me" statement necklaces?!

I've been itching to make {{Mini Statement}} necklaces out of my Woman's versions for quite awhile now, and I finally committed myself to it this past weekend! After I made my own {{Fringe Collection}} necklace, I just had to try a {{Mini Statement}} necklace to match it for Miss Ella!!

It features all the same colored beads, pearls, and crystals that I used in my {{Mommy Statement}} Fringe Collection necklace. But with this smaller version, I used smaller pearls, smaller crystals, and less "Fringe".

I promise it's not too heavy, as my 4-year old son insisted on "trying it out" for awhile. He instantly thought of some of his little girly-friends at school that "this necklace would look beautiful on"! Such a ladies man, that kid!

It measures about 12 inches around, but since I make my Fringe necklaces with a SUPER sturdy cable chain, its practically adjustable around the entire thing. The clasp slips easily around any chain link. It fit my neck snuggly, and it obviously fit my son's neck perfectly!

I also include a 2-inch extender chain to make sure Ella...or YOUR wee able to wear this darling necklace for YEARS!

It's sooo so darling in person!

Here is my version of the {{Mommy Statement}} necklace! I'm in LOOOOVE with the colors! Deep pink, rosy pink, light pink, and pearly white. Love love love.

The {{Mommy Statement}} is about 16 inches in length from end to clasp, so it can easily be worn as a "choker" for a special event. But it also has a 2-inch extender chain so that it can be worn much lower on the chest if you prefer. :-)

Aren't they awesome!!! I'm now ready to make ANY of my statement necklaces into a "Mommy and Me" necklace pair! Click on the link below, and let's get started on a custom order tailored just for YOU and your LIL ONE! :-)


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