Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Custom Fringe Necklace....for ME!

After making 3 custom {{Fringe Collection}} necklaces over the course of a week, I couldn't take it anymore, as each one was getting increasingly harder to part with.....

So, whats a devoted jewelry lover to do??
MAKE MY OWN! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Yes, this beauty is all mine! I make it with all-time favorite color combination, rosy pink, light pink, and white! It just oozes girlishness, and essentially matches half my wardrobe already. ;-)

After referencing this {{Fringe Collection}} necklace to a few friends of mine, they convinced me to snap pictures and show it off! So here it is. :-) I can't take it off!

I wore it out and about to do some Christmas shopping yesterday with my husband and kiddos, and I received five...yes FIVE compliments on this necklace in a 2-hour time period! My oh-so-amazing husband....who is trying to become my official {{jewelry by jessica theresa}} CEO....was immediately ready to whip out my business cards to each person who complimented by necklace! I already received one email inquiry about a replica! YES!

I wasn't planning on taking the time to snap pictures of this necklace, but after referencing this {{Fringe Collection}} necklace to a few friends of mine, they convinced me to show it off anyways. :-)

I pour my heart and SOUL into every statement creation I make. And I have found (the hard way) that the ONLY way I am ok with "parting" with my creations once they are sold and I send them off, is to take a little break from customs every once and awhile and MAKE MY OWN! It makes it much easier to part with my creations if I have MY very own {jewelry by jessica theresa} jewelry hanging around my neck at all times! ♥

This necklace features literally hundreds and hundreds of glass pearls and crystals, in gorgeous shades of deep pink, rosy pink, light pink, and pearly white. It reminds me of Valentine's day, but I'm going to pretend its my ultimate girly-icy-wintery creation for the cold season..

Baby, it's cold outside! So I've gotta have something to brighten up my day when our brutal Wisconsin winters get long.
Do you want a custom {{Fringe Collection}} necklace of your own?! You KNOW you do! Click on the link below to get started!

Or wanting to give your husband/boyfriend/
significant other a big fat hint about what you want for xmas??? Slip him my email address and I will take care of the rest!!!!!!!


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