Friday, December 9, 2011

More Fringe! More Fun!

I've already done two custom {{Fringe Collection}} necklaces this past week, and since it's so fun to work with an entirely different set of tools, I was super excited to get another custom order for a fabulous "Fringe" necklace! 
I'm totally on a {{Fringe Collection}} kick! Now that I have re-vamped my chain/clasp technique and added an extender chain to all my necklaces, this necklace can be SOOO versatile and fun! These necklaces are now adjustable up to 2 inches in length!

As delicate as my {{Fringe Colleciton}} necklaces may look, I can promise these beauties are incredibly sturdy. I'm obsessive about resiliency when it comes to my designs....thanks to my two fabulously energetic little they have given me wonderful training when it comes to durability!

Case in point....I let my 4-year old shake this necklace like crazy for a few seconds before I re-examined it and packaged it up. Nothing came loose and every "fringe" is super secure!

This {{Fringe Collection}} necklace is another custom order for a fabulous repeat customer. Its made with pretty shades of rosy pink, silver, light gray, and purple. So girly and SOOO striking together!

It features literally hundreds and hundreds of pearls and crystals. Over 1/3 of my Fringe necklaces are made of sparkly faceted crystals! They are so eye-catching in person,. Unfortunately, my camera....thanks to my amazingly awesome (not) point-n-click digital camera....simply cannot capture the amazing sparkle. 

Nowadays, I also coordinate each (removable) fabric flower to perfectly match the necklace itself, as I sew the middles of my flowers with the same beads I used in the necklace.

Hope she loves it!

Get your very own {{Fringe Collection}} necklace here!

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