Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wednesday...Recovery Day!

Well, we are all still recovering from the flu. I feel very weak and useless today, and I swear my kids both look a lot skinnier. They both have on their "stretchy" PJs (the tighter fitting, long underwear-looking kind), and they both look scrawny! When we all feel better, I'm going to need to plump them both up a bit before our "well-child" checks at the doctor's office next week. My kids are both already on the "lower end" of the growth charts for weight...and always have been.....but I hope they didn't dip too much from this past week! I think some ginormous helpings of avocado, olive oil, and maybe some extra Christmas cookies are in order once these kiddos are recovered!

My husband came home from work this morning with all the symptoms my kiddos and I have already been suffering from. Poor guy. He's a dentist, and his office was NOT exactly happy with his early departure, since he was the only dentist in house today. But I'm sure his patients don't want their dental work done by a contagiously ill dentist!

I need to care for all THREE of my baby boys today (why don't mommy's get sick days?!), so here are a few snapshots of my latest creation for my{{Mommy and Me Collection}}, made for an amazing mama and her adorable soon-to-be-four year old daughter!

The younger recipient of this stylish necklace duo LOVES the color purple, so she requested a necklace made with lots of purple and a splash of blue.

With or without the flowers, both necklaces are still super stunning. :-)

The {mini statement} necklace features four cascading strands of glass beads, made to perfectly coordinate with the {mommy statement} necklace. All the beads in this necklace are smaller and very appropriately sized for the wee ones! It also features a 2-inch extender chain at the back of the necklace, to allow for plenty of room to grow! It fit my 4-year old son (he insisted on trying it on before we packaged it up, since this is for his good friend Hayden!), and it fit me! It's very versatile, thanks to that extra chain.

The {mommy statement} necklace features five cascading strands of glass beads, made in various shades of pretty purples and some splashes of royal blue to give it a little extra punch of color.

A super bright purple fabric flower completes the look. I sewed the middle of the flower with the same beads I used in the necklace, to really bring everything together! The royal blue crystal beads really "pop"!

But those bright purple flowers are rather irresistible, aren't they? Happy Birthday, Hayden! :-)

Get your very own {{Mommy and Me Collection}} set here:

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