Tuesday, December 6, 2011

SICK Sick sick......

This little family of mine is grossly ill with the flu right now. The really yucky flu...like coming out both ends in rapid succession. Enough said. 

Usually, illnesses slowly make their way around our family one-by-one. But not this time. This flu hit me and 4-year old almost simultaneously., and the baby is still suffering from his round,  so all three of us are currently snuggled up in our bed. We all have fevers, chills, body aches, pukes, poops, and everything in between. Probably should stop there.... 

Anyways, I will still upload pics of my recent projects! Here is a cute {{Mommy and Me Collection}} set I am donating to our local Le Leche League's annual Christmas fundraiser! 

Both necklaces feature 3-4 cascading strands of glass beads, in pretty shades of turquoise blue, black, graphite, gray, and silver!

This is the {mommy statement} necklace for mamas of all shapes and sizes! It features four strands of glass beads, pearls, and crystals, all designed to perfectly compliment the {mini statement} necklace!

This is the {mini statement} necklace for little girls of all ages. Both necklaces feature a perfectly coordinating teal blue fabric flower, which is attached to a broach pin and totally removable. :-) It also has a 2-inch extender chain at the back of the necklace, to allow for plenty of "room to grow"!

Get your very own {{Mommy and Me Collection}} necklaces here!!!!


And don't forget the 10% off coupon during the month of December! :-)
Alrighty, me and my kiddies need to go back to bed!!! Here's to hoping this flu is GONE by tomorrow! :-/

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