Monday, December 5, 2011

Tis' the Season!

Tis' the season to be rockin' some GOLD! I haven't worked with my gold beads in awhile, so I took a tiny 8-hour break from doing my customs this past weekend to do a gold {{Beaded Roped}}!
This {{Beaded Rope Collection}} necklace features three long beaded-strands, with super meticulously placed beads, and then braided and twisted together into a long "beaded rope".

The first strand comprises of medium-sized pearls, crystals, stones, and gold stone chips. The next two strands are slightly smaller, as they are strung with glass seed beads, smaller crystals, and smaller pearls....

Next, I braid and twist the three strands together into a long, tightly woven beaded rope.

Then, I weave a coordinating bronze-gold chain throughout the necklace to tighten everything up and bring all the beads together! This necklace design is a huge favorite of mine, as it's honestly nothing like anything you'd find in the stores. I really wanted to create a "rope"- looking necklace that was super versatile. I wanted to knot it, wear it doubled, wear it in a long rope, etc. And here is what I came up with! :-)

Super super super versatile! And perfect for the Holidays season! Eight hours of hand-beaded work that is going straight to Etsy! :-) Check it out!

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