Sunday, December 4, 2011

Best. Winter. Color. Combo. EVER!

I'm drooling over the finished product of my most recent creation. Seriously drooling. I haven't done many custom orders with blues or whites lately, so I decided to do take a quick (um, if you count 8 hours as "quick", I guess?) break from custom orders for a day and make a {{Fringe Collection}} necklace exclusively for sale on Etsy!

And OK....I must admit....I got on a little {{Fringe Collection}} kick right after I made the pink/gold/chocolate Fringe necklace for my wonderful mama friend!! I had all of my supplies and tools out to make my Fringe necklaces, so I went to town and made another!

I am a very "seasonal" person...meaning, I tend to let myself get wrapped up in the festivities and colors that each new season brings. In other words, I love pretty pastels in the Spring, bright pinks and bright colors in the Summer, bold burgundies and golds in the Fall, and icy whites and blues in the Winter. Change is good! And it keeps life interesting!

So, I decided to go for an icy-wintery theme with this {{Fringe Collection}} necklace! I LOOOOOVE the look of the bright blues, bright whites, and shiny silver colors together. It just sings "winter" to me!

My Fringe necklaces usually take at LEAST 7-8 hours to complete, since I wrap each and every fringy "dangle" by hand. This particular necklace features various shades of navy blue, sky blue, and an opalescent blue to give it a tiny colorful twist. It also features bright bright whites and super shiny silvers and light grays. Together, this color combo is goooorgeous!

And of course, I accented this necklace with coordinating flowers, in shades of blue-gray and white. This necklace also has tons of crystals....over 1/3 of this necklace is made of them!

It's begging to go to a good home, as this beauty is going straight to Etsy!

Need a boost of pretty colors to kick those winter "blues"???! Get your very own today at my Etsy store:

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