Saturday, December 3, 2011

A {Fringe Collection} Necklace for a Fabulous Mama!

I'm so pumped that I get to do all sorts of different custom orders this month!! For awhile, I had been doing the {{Classic Collection}} - Option #3 over and over again (which is AWESOME! It's definitely one of my fav designs!), but this month I get to have an awesome variety! A {[Twisted Collection}}, a {{Beaded Rope Collection}}, a {[Classic Collection #1}}, and now a {{Fringe Collection}}! I love love love the variety, as I made my 10 original designs different from one another for a reason... ;-) 

My {[Fringe Collection}} necklaces happen to be super DUPER different from all my other ones, as I get to use an entirely different set of tools and supplies :-)

This {{Fringe Collection}} necklace is a custom order for a fabulous mama friend again! I'm SOOOO excited to see her in this necklace!
It features all sorts of warm tones, including a chocolaty brown, yellow gold, and dusty rose.

It is highlighted by hundreds and hundreds of dangling "fringe" accents....all of which were handmade and assembled by me with my trusty tools. :-)

It's very time consuming to create a {{Fringe Collection}} necklace, but it's SO worth it. I guarantee you will never find something like this in the stores! At least not as meticulously detailed and sturdy as mine are, anyways! I always have my 4-year old shake each necklace after I complete them, because if anything is loose, it's NOT good enough and NOT done yet!

Add a few feminine light pink and bronzy brown flowers to match!

This necklace also features hundreds of shiny glass pearls and sparkly crystals. And since my pictures usually don't do my creations any justice, I can assure you this necklace REALLY catches the light!

I honestly can't WAIT for my mama friend to wear this necklace. She has been looking MIGHTY fabulous lately, and this necklace will totally unleash her inner girly girl. :-)
I also add a 2-inch extender chain on all of my necklaces...complete with a coordinating beaded "fringe" dangle at the end

Hours upon hours of hard work that ultimately result in a pretty darn cool creation!

Get your very own {{Fringe Collection}} custom necklace here!

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