Friday, December 2, 2011

I Love Referral Customers!

More variety!!! I'm so satisfied with each of my 10 original {{jewelry by jessica theresa}} designs. Each one is uniquely different from one another, as I worked hard to make sure my designs will appeal to a large variety of personal tastes. It really makes me happy when my custom orders include a nice sampling from each collection! It keeps things super interesting and fresh for me, especially when I receive new color combination requests! :-) 

So, along those lines, time to switch it up again! It's back to the {{Custom Collection}} - Option #1! 

This design is actually one of my personal favorites (heck, in reality I love ALL of my designs, but this one especially!) .Why? Because it combines a few different "techniques" I have developed when creating each necklace. My "Classic Option #1" design features a little "intricate" beading (a la the {Intricate Collection}) along the sides of the necklace, then a "classic" cascade of beaded strands (a la the {Classic Collection}, specifically Option #3) along the bottom of the necklace. I love that I get to use all my fun tools for the same necklace! 

This necklace happens to be somewhat of a replica of the one I have used in my {jewelry by jessica theresa} "branding" pictures, as it features a little variety to showcase what I can do.

Like I said, this version of my {{Classic Collection}} is SUPER fun for me to create, due to the intricate woven sides of the necklace. Something about working extremely "intricately" with all the twisting and braiding makes me giddy. I love the super detailed stuff. It's all in the details!!

This custom necklace is for a referral customer! Another fabulous customer of mine gave one of my {{jewelry by jessica theresa}} necklaces as a gift, and a few days later she became a customer herself! Word of mouth is the absolute BEST way to promote and advertise, because it means my customers are happy and want to spread the love! This. Makes. Me. Giddy!!!

Just an FYI, I love love LOVE referral customers so much, that the referrer and the referree BOTH get 20% of their next order. It's a little appreciation gift for spreading the {jewelry by jessica theresa} love! :-)

Now down to the details! This necklace features intricately woven sides, and 8 cascading strands at the base. Per Penny's request, I made it in various shades of greens, grays, and black. I included LOTS of crystals and pearls to really make it shiny and catch the light!

Hope she enjoys it! ♥

Want your very own {{Custom Collection}} - Option #1??? Click here:

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