Thursday, December 1, 2011

Singing the Greens...

Next up is a {{Classic Collection}} - Option #2 necklace, made with my second most popular color, gray, and black! And I have to admit, I'm not a diehard lover of the color green....but after making necklaces with this color, I am now a huge fan! The different shades of greens, grays, and black are super striking together.

This {{Classic Collection}} necklace is for an amazing mama who is celebrating her stellar, hard-earned, post-children body with some new {[jewelry by jessica theresa}} bling!

She requested a custom {{Classic Collection}} necklace in the awesome winter color combination of green, gray, and black.

And, like I've mentioned before, since I never use a single color in my necklaces (ie...just plain "green"). this necklace features an array of greens, including lime green, hunter green, emerald green, and forest green. When you combine all those shades together, it really gives the "green" color an extra oomph of dimension!

This necklace also features various shades of gray, including dark graphite gray, a shiny silvery gray, and a matte gray. And of course, we have the color black interspersed throughout this necklace to bring all the colors together.

Lately, I've been trying to make my {{Classic Collection}} - Option #2 a little more versatile. So instead of just having the necklace hang "straight", you can twist one side 180 degrees to give it a super fun asymmetric draping look!

Or you can get even more creative and flip both sides in opposite directions to cascade the strands a little different, to give it a fresh new look!

Any time I twist one of my classic necklaces, I like to secure it with flowers to give it a fun, feminine, and multidimensional look. :-)

Fabulous choice for a fabulous mama! I hope she loves it!

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