Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pink and Gray are Popular Today!

My next custom order is for a wonderful customer who is living the good life smack downtown Chicago! ;-) I'm ultimately a "city girl" at heart, as I lived and loved living in downtown Milwaukee for several years while I went to nursing school and my husband went to dental school at Marquette University. We lived on the top floor of a fabulous apartment building and fell asleep looking at the Milwaukee skyline every night. I loved it. 

Anyways, so this lovely lady gets to sport her custom {{jewelry by jessica theresa}} necklace downtown Chicago! I sent an extra little stack of business cards with the necklace, per her request, just in case any of her downtown and/or uptown buddies happen to like what they see... ;-)

I'm pretty sure the most requested necklace of the season this year is my pink and gray {{Classic Collection}} necklace as seen here! This is the fourth custom necklace I've made like this, and my desire to keep it continues to get stronger and stronger because each one gets better and better! :-)

My customer loved loved the look of the pink and gray {{Classic Collection}} necklace. There is a reason why I have made these colors my {jewelry by jessica theresa} "theme", so it makes me giddy to see this color combo become a popular request. This exact design and coloring will forever be near and dear to my heart! ♥

It features 9 cascading strands of light pink, pink, graphite gray, and a deep charcoal gray! It's accented with tons of pink and gray pearls, and lots of pink crystals to add tons of sparkle as soon as it hits the light! ♥

And let's not forget the ultimate addition....the signature flower from my friend Apollonia Dils!

This necklace would look nice and bright with the pink flower, or you can tone it down with the gray flower.

Or if she is wanting to make a SUPER statement, she can wear this necklace with both flowers! Hope she enjoys it!!! ♥ ♥ Thanks Sarah!

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