Sunday, October 23, 2011

More {{Beaded Cuff Collection}}! Pink, Black, and Creamy Ivory...

Another {{Beaded Cuff}}!! This time, I just had to use my all-time favorite colors...rosy pink, black, and creamy white! Perhaps it's no surprise that my entire {{jewelry by jessica theresa}} business theme is done in these colors? ;-)

Although these earrings didn't really photograph well, I made some coordinating Pink and White pearl dangle earrings with super sparkly pink and white crystal beads! I used the same beads in the bracelet, but these pictures do NOT capture the sparkle.
The earrings are super lightweight and super comfortable to wear! Although I'm not an earring expert (YET! Give me time!), I thought these weren't too shabby... :-)
And because I LOOOVE to make a {{statement}} with my jewelry, I added some coordinating and stackable pearl toggle bracelets to really add that {{jewelry by jessica theresa}} WOW factor!
Pair all these with a fitted black turtleneck, a light pink scarf, some skinny jeans and fabulous black boots...and you are good to go! Even to the grocery store. Not that I will admit to dressing up to go grocery shopping.... ;-)

Well, maybe I will admit it.

I'm newly obsessed with cuffs. I want to make like 500 in different color combos.

My husband thinks I should start taking pictures of my outfits for the day to demonstrate how I coordinate all my accessories together. I looooove creating new outfits each morning by simply switching up my accessories.

I wear a lot of solid color clothing, which mostly consists of tried-and-true staples like tank tops, cardigans, fitted t-shirts, simple fitted sweaters, and lots of leggings and fun boots. But you can really pump up your own personal style with accessories! I switch mine up all the time...sometimes multiple times per day, since I'm a little obsessive....but I promise that fun accessories can make the exact same outfit look entirely different each time you wear it.
Enjoy! All my cuffs will be up on Etsy soon!

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