Wednesday, October 26, 2011

One More Cuff for the {[Beaded Cuff Collection}}!

I made one more {{Beaded Cuff}} last night....mostly because I love them so much....and now I'm ready to list the collection on Etsy! When I first create a new collection, I usually wait to "list" it on Etsy until I have at least 3 or 4 pieces made. It feels more like a formal "collection" when I have a few different color combinations completed in each design by the time I'm ready to introduce it to the world!

I'm working on the Etsy listings now, so stay tuned!

 This next cuff features varying shades of rose pink, light pink, black, graphite, gold, and almond!
This fabulous color combination was actually chosen by my 4-year old son. Anyone who knows my little Kaden will tell you that he is the most color coordinated little boy in town. We definitely do not splurge on designer kids clothes in our house, but my children are both amazingly talented at color coordination! When it comes to personal style, I'm a FIRM believer that it's not the price of your clothing that's how you wear it and what accessories you wear with it!
 Anyways, my son Kaden is extremely interested in color. He is not only very particular about what HE wears, as Kaden is very contentious of what everyone in our household wears. He will call out his daddy if and when Brandon sits in his PJs for too long on any given weekend morning. He will scold me for not matching my running shoes to my running apparel for the day. And he has no problem telling his little brother to go change his shirt when it's too messy. It's cute and a point.
Anyways, since this bracelet features both silver findings AND gold beads, it can be worn with silver OR gold jewelry!

Why am I always so conscientious of silver and gold, you ask? Well, my wedding bands are a yellow gold, so metal color is always something I've been super conscious of. ♥
And why not add a flower! I spent a little time yesterday playing around with all my different colored flowers. This particular cuff looks amazing with this muted gold flower, or even a light pink and black flower! Or...all three! Why not? ♥
This cuff, like my others, features a 2-inch extender chain, therefore it can be worn tight to the wrist (as an official "cuff") or looser like a bangle.
When wearing the cuffs with the (totally removable, attached with broach pin) flower, I like to fasten them tighter to my wrist so it doesn't move around.
Fabulous with a black flower too! Since all of my flowers used in my {{jewelry by jessica theresa}} creations are attached to broach pins, you can place the flowers wherever you see fit!
Cuff, bangle, or however you decide to wear it, I can guarantee you will garner lots of compliments! Like I mentioned previously, I made a fun cuff just like this for myself (it's super, lavender, and graphite gray of course!) and when I wore it running errands yesterday, I received three unsolicited compliments! SOOO elated! ♥

OK that's all for now. Time to go finish the Etsy listings!

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