Thursday, September 22, 2011

More to Love From {{The Fringe Collection}}!!

Now then! Back to work!

After a busy month of marathon training, a few family birthdays, and a beautifully large handful of orders...both through my Etsy store and private orders...I'm ready to hit the ground running again! (And just in case anyone is wondering the best way to contact me/buy from me, it's best if you use my Etsy Store. It's much easier for me to properly keep tract of everything!)

Right now I'm working on another addition to my {{Fringe Collection}}. After heeding lots of feedback from you guys, this one is going to feature several different shades of beautiful neutrals! Including chocolate brown (my favorite accent color!), bronze, gold, silver, deep ivory, cream, and white. I adore this combination because the chocolate brown means it will look phenomenal with anything brown or khaki, the silver and gold means it will look smashing with whatever additional jewelry you wear (no matter if it's silver OR gold, of course!), and the ivories and whites really balance it out to compliment a wide variety of skin tones!

Once complete, this stunner will also feature two fabric flowers (attached with broach pins and totally removable) in gorgeous shades of cream and brown, and accented by creamy white pearls in the middle. I have a good feeling this necklace is going to be a hit!

Here are some pictures of my work in progress:

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  1. Holy crap I love, love, love this!!! I am kicking myself really, really hard for not waiting a little bit to get this lovely or thinking to custom order this myself! (not that I don't totally love what I have)