Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Custom Creations: Shelly's Beaded Rope

This week is going to be all about the Custom Creations! I have a handful of them to complete, so it's time to go to town!

The week's first custom creation started with a beautiful {{Beaded Rope Collection}} necklace for the fabulous Shelly. She requested a combination of reds, blacks, grays, silvers, with a splash of creamy ivory.

In the effort to better connect with my customers and really strive to make them happy with their custom order, I have started texting pictures of their creation as I go! It almost gives the necklace a "story". First, I organize all the beads and materials I'm going to use and then snap a picture of the "organized chaos" before I start. Next, I snap a few pictures midway to showcase the necklace as it starts to take shape. Finally at the end, I take a few final pictures to show off the end result! I think it's not only fun for me, but fun for the customer to see the hard work come to life!

Here is Shelly's creation!

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