Friday, September 16, 2011

The Fringe Collection!

I'm in love with my latest collection.... {{The Fringe Collection}}! I adore necklaces in this "choker" length, because I really feel like a woman's neck is so beautiful and sensual, and absolutely deserves to be showcased with pretty jewelry. The choker always seems to be the perfect length to accentuate feminine features and pretty smiles! 

So far, I have made 2.5 pieces for my {fringe} collection…two completed necklaces and one ½ completed necklace. I’ve basically taught myself everything I’ve learned about jewelry making (through lots of tinkering, experimenting, and screw-ups of course!), thus it took several hours of trial-and-error before I was satisfied with my final design.

I made my first {fringe} necklace with one of my favorite color combinations: pink, gold, and chocolate brown. There is something about this color combo that is so pleasing to the eyes, as it can be classic and modern at the same time….you will always be in season and never be out of style.

My second {fringe} necklace is made with another favorite color of mine….turquoise! I adore anything in shades of turquoise/teal. It looks phenomenal when paired with black, incredibly striking when paired with chocolate brown, and really stands out when paired with white or creamy ivory. I’m a big believer that turquoise transcends any season, so this necklace is the perfect accessory for a year-round statement!

My third {fringe} necklace, which is currently about 50% complete, is being made using gorgeous, neutral shades of chocolate brown, bronze, gold, almond, cream, and ivory. Now this is definitely a color combo that can go with anything! It’s so earthy yet stunning…neutral yet eye-catching. I am already a huge fan and it’s only halfway done! Since these {fringe} necklaces take average of 8 to 10 hours to complete, I hope to have it finished and listed on Etsy by the end of the weekend.

….then again, my hubby and I ARE running a marathon on Sunday morning. That’s 26.2 miles….of running….voluntarily. Soooo, perhaps it will be closer to Monday.  ;-)


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