Friday, October 21, 2011

Beaded Cuffs

Even though I've focused mostly on "statement" necklaces thus far, even *I* tend to prefer bracelets and earrings once the cooler weather hits. When our necklines get higher and our coats begin to take over our wardrobes, necklaces often tend to either get covered up...or....sadly, not worn at all.

Personally, I LOVE wearing big earrings, lots of bracelets, and funky scarves all winter long! Even from when I was a teenager, I've always defaulted to statement necklaces in warmer weather, and then statement bracelets and/or earrings in the cooler weather. I love variety, so what better way to mix it up than with fun accessories!

I've been dabbling in bracelets and earrings for awhile now, but I haven't posted many pictures due to my internal perfectionist telling me "not can do better!". But it's cold out! And I've been sporting my big bracelets and earrings around town for awhile now, so maybe it's time to post a few sneak peaks. :-)

Let's continue the journey into the land of bracelets and earrings with some pink stones, pearls, and sparkle accents....

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