Sunday, October 9, 2011

Introducing...{{The Sparkle Collection}}!!

I'm sort of obsessed with my latest creation. Why? Because it oozes all the things I love the most....sparkly, girly, glamorous goodness!

Presenting....{{The Sparkle Collection}}!!

As you can probably guess, my inspiration for this design comes from the hustle and bustle of the upcoming Holiday season. Who doesn't love to sparkle during the Holidays?? We have every reason to embrace the bling at this time of year, so why not? :-)

I made two of these necklaces over the past 48 for me and one for my mom (I am on a mission to take pictures of hers's sparkly silver, creamy white, and shiny graphite....and stunning!). We both wore them to a wedding last night and garnered all sorts of compliments, which of course made me ECSTATIC!

Without further ado, here is the first installment of my {{Sparkle Collection}}....
This necklace features multiple, cascading strands of super shiny glass pearls, glass beads, sparkly faceted silver beads, rhinestones, and crystal beads galore!

I wish I had a better camera to better show off the sheen and glitz, but point-n-click will have to suffice! Just trust me when I say it definitely sparkles. :-)
Want to coordinate this beauty with your outfit? A gorgeous fabric flower in your choice of color is the perfect way to compliment your fabulous Holiday outfit!

Not into flowers? This necklace looks equally as stunning without. ;-)
It has a slightly asymmetric shape to give it a modern, yet classic appeal.

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