Saturday, November 5, 2011

Another Vote for {{The Classic Collection}}!

I'm sort of giddy right now. My {{Classic Collection}} designs are gaining popularity both on and off of my Etsy store!

(♥♥♥ Ummm....may I pretty please digress for a quick little second? Please allow me to casually mention that I much prefer my customers to buy my creations through my Etsy store rather than through email swapping, mostly due to the ease of organization and sale tracking. I'm a one-woman show and I'm teaching myself all-things-business as I go, so I prefer to rely on Etsy as much as I can! Many thanks! ♥♥♥)

 Anyways, the momentum is starting, and I'm really getting excited! 

This latest {[Classic Collection}} custom order is for a lovely customer in California, who found my shop on Etsy.  She loved my black, pink, and gray {{Classic Collection}} necklace I recently made, so she requested a replica, only with more pink and a few strands of larger beads. :-)

Why not snap a few pictures with the asymmetrical look! A personal favorite of mine for a little modernized twist to an otherwise {{Classic}} design.

And of course, this necklace is accented by the signature {{jewelry by jessica theresa}} flower!

I sooo need to make one exactly like this for myself. I had a hard time packaging it up to ship out! :-) :-)

Beautiful cascading strands of light pink pearls, pink glass beads, black and silver accents....and more PINK beads!

Going to a happy home! 

Want your very own {{Classic Collection}} necklace with all your favorite colors? Click here to get started!

♥Statement Necklace with multiple cascading strands of beads as pictured above
♥You choose your colors!
♥One-week turnaround time
♥Includes two coordinating and removable fabric flowers
♥Makes a great gift!
♥$50.00 for a handmade, one of a kind, and super unique custom statement necklace? Yes please!

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