Sunday, November 6, 2011

Neutrals and Greens {{Classic Collection}} Design!

I must admit....I've been up since 2:30am this morning. Not because I WANTED to, but because my littlest babe, Kellen, decided to give me a run for my money (err, a run for my sleep?). It took several attempts to get him back to sleep, but once I was finally successful, I was WIDE awake.

Any normal person probably would have taken that time to relax in bed, read, listen to sleepy music, etc in the effort to get themselves back to sleep. But not me. The crazy Type A personality residing in me decided to use that early morning quiet time to accomplish a few of the 2.349 things on my to-do list. So, I spent 5 hours this morning organizing my beads, cleaning the house a tad, and finishing up this creation....all while listening to some fabulous indie Christmas Music, sipping some Gingerbread flavored coffee, and spending some quality time with my beloved old kitty cat Millie.

 So. Without further ado, allow me to show off this {{Classic Collection}} design! It features beautiful, neutral shades of creamy ivories, chocolate browns, tans, pearly whites, and pretty greens!
This necklace is highlighted by five beaded strands, carefully positioned to drape "classically" across the chest. A very timeless design in a very timeless color combination. :-)
 No {jewelry by jessica theresa} necklace is complete without a few signature flowers, of course! This combination of creamy ivory and light brown flowers seems to be the most popular. I'm regularly getting requests for this "flowering" duo!
 Flowers are always attached to broach pins, therefore they can be removed and repositioned as you see fit!
 Looks just as stunning with the single flower! Why not pin the other one on your purse? Or your jacket! The "flowering" possibilities are endless....
 This necklace features all glass beads, pearls, and gorgeous green stone chips to really make a unique statement. Shiny pearls juxtaposed with earthy stones? Why not! Some of my "fans" and customers had been requesting necklaces in more of the neutral tones. :-) I'm listening and appreciate all feedback!!! :-)
I made a custom-coordinated flower for this necklace, featuring the same green glass bead used in the design. This picture doesn't do this flower justice, but it's SO cute in person! 

Omigod I need a new camera!!! 
Is there a twitter hashtag for #AllIWantForChristmasIsAKickAssCamera?? 
No? Darn. ;-) 

Ok that's all for now. It's PACKER SUNDAY! And we are hosting a little gig over at our house with my folks. Go Pack go!

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