Monday, November 7, 2011

The Possibilities are Endless!!! :-) :-)

One of my favorite craft stores was having a decent sale last week, so I skipped over and took a peak.

Me + Craft Store + No Children = Heaven 
Just sayin'...

Anyways! I all of a sudden became super inspired by all the beautiful tribal-infused beads, earthy tones, stone chip beads, detailed antiquey beads, and mixed metals I saw. So...I went to town....and bought a ton of these beads! I honestly have like 3,238 different ideas for them in my head right now! Can't wait to start designing, creating, and showing off what I'm envisioning in this chaotic brain of mine! ;-)

After spending a million hours organizing my stash of beads, I designed and created this beauty yesterday.......

 Lots of cascading strands in earthy shades of copper, pewter, graphite, black, burgundy, and sandy brown. 

 All accent beads have intricate detailing to really give it that aged, antique look. It's a nice change from my typical bright {{jewelry by jessica theresa}} "style"!

 I. Am. Madly. In. Love. With. This. Necklace. 

 The mixed metals REALLY make me giddy. I absolutely LOVE this part of being a jewelry designer....all the different combinations! I am constantly being inspired by new beads, colors, designs, etc. I feel like I'm doing what I was BORN to do. :-) This isn't "work" for me at's a passion! 

I have to share with you all a little story. Yesterday afternoon, my parents were over for the Packer Game while I was making this necklace. My dad held up the finished product and said "Holy cow, Jess! You made this?! Wow. You need to go big with this jewelry thing!"

For a man of few words, those words made me ECSTATIC! Those of you who happen to know my (super intense, super intimating) dad, can likely vouch for the fact that words like that rarely....if ever....exit his mouth. Love you, daddy!

 The possibilities are endless! And the thousands of ideas I have in my head will no doubt continue to grow! Please "grow" with me? I'm excited for what the future holds!! 

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