Saturday, November 12, 2011

Another Day, Another Beauty!

It's been a popular week for the {{Beaded Cuff Collection}}! I'm in the middle of doing my 4th beaded cuff this week. What's pretty awesome is the fact that EVERY cuff has been an entirely different color combination! I love seeing new color combos together...especially when doing custom orders. It's inspiring for me, because oftentimes I find myself daydreaming about future creations using similar color combinations! Good stuff. :-) 

Once again, I was told not to reveal any information about the giver or recipient of this cuff, so my lips are sealed!

This cuff features a pretty combination of neutrals, including shiny gold, a bronzy-brown, and creamy ivory.

This cuff will go with so many different color combinations! Neutral tones are so perfect for the versatility. ♥

And of course, no cuff would be complete without a pretty {flower}. Thanks Apples Modern Art! :-)
This flower is a light gold to compliment the cuff, and is accented by ivory pearls in the middle.

And this cuff looks just as fun with a matching brown flower!

Or BOTH!! I love wearing my cuffs with 2 flowers. I love the look of the "corsage"'s so stunning and different!

A little snapshot of the gold flower on my wrist. :)
And yes, for those who asked, that is indeed a wedding ring tattoo on my ring finger! ;-) It was me and my hubby Brandon Roth's anniversary gift to each other last year. :-)

You will not find this awesome-looking bracelet in stores. Trust me!
Order your own today:

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