Friday, November 11, 2011

More {{Beaded Cuff Collection}} BLISS!

Today has been a "Jessica versus the World Wide Web" sort of day. I have spent hours upon hours battling my websites to update everything, make them super user-friendly, link everything together, switch around pictures, etc etc etc. Since I am NOT an expert in web design or HTML coding, this has proven to be quite the interesting journey. BUT! I think I'm doing ok...? 

Do me a favor and go click around my "official" website and my blog, okey dokey? I could really use some advice and feedback. 


In addition to all-things website design, I finished up another cuff last night! Here is the finished product: 

I was told NOT to reveal any information about the giver or recipient of this beauty, so my lips are sealed!

It's hard to tell from the photos, but this {{beaded cuff}} features pretty shades of plummy-purple, turquoise, teal, and graphite gray!

Again, I'm asking for a new camera for's the only thing on my list. So hopefully next year's pictures will be better?!?! Santa, I promise I've been good this year!!!

Twelve strands of shiny glass seed beads are braided together to form this fabulous cuff! It features a 2-inch extender chain and silver metal lobster clasp for easy wearing.

The pink cuff I am wearing now has 2 gorgeous Apples Modern Art flowers, so lately I've been decorating my cuffs with an extra flower to make a true statement and a beautiful work of wearable art!

The entire cuff is woven together securely and tightly to give it that stiff, sturdy look.

LOVE these flowers on this bracelet! I'm jealous of the recipient of this one! I may have to make a replica.

It's so hard to tell from my craptastic photos, but these colors look SO awesome together! Plum+gray+turquoise?? Yes please!

A perfect fall corsage for your wrist!

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