Friday, November 25, 2011

Because I Can't Help Myself.......

For me, creating these {{Super Statement}} necklaces is basically like creating a work of art. It literally begins as a blank canvas of beads and wire, just begging to be made into something amazing. I so carefully string each and every bead to lay appropriately amongst the rest. I choose each pearl and each crystal so that it creates just enough shine and sparkle in all the right places. You should see me when I make some of my creations, as I literally will run circles around my "creation station"....I stand up, walk around, kneel down, etc, just to be sure each beaded strand looks and behaves exactly how I want it to! ;-)

So here is my next {{Super Statement}] necklace! I created this one in my signature colors, with a little extra emphasis on the bright pinks and magentas. If you are gonna make a statement, why not go all out and make it with bright colors, right?? ;-)

This necklace features 20 strands of cascading seed beads, large and small crystals, and shiny pearls. I also used a bunch of silver sparkly "chip"-like beads that I retrieved from an old necklace my mom had hiding in the back of her jewelry box. I'm thinking they are circa 1980?? Can't really call that vintage quite yet, right?

Whenever I create a necklace with a specific color, "pink"....I always use a range of various shades within the color to really give it some depth. For instance, nstead of just using "pink", I will use some magenta, dusty rose, fuchsia, watermelon, etc, just like you see in this necklace!

And once again, this necklace took me about 12 hours to start and finish. And I loved every second. The finished product literally makes me giddy!

I garnered my inspiration for this necklace from this lovely flower, which is made with bright pink and gray pattered fabric, and fun vintage gold findings. It's super bright and bold, and totally looks amazing next to the coordinating beads, pearls, and crystals.

I also found some awesome looking graphite gray beads that are shaped like cubes! They are extremely shiny and really catch the light, so I interspersed them throughout each strand. :-)

12 hours of crazy fun hard work!!!! <3

Not for the faint of heart, but DEFINITELY for those who like to be noticed... ;-) 

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