Thursday, November 17, 2011

A {[Classic Collection}] Necklace...turned...{{Mommy and Me Collection}} Necklace!

Since I'm always drumming up new ideas in my head, I sort of tried something a little different with my next Custom Creation that I had on the docket earlier this week. And I must say, I'm in love!
This necklace is for a FABULOUS mommy friend, as she requested the traditional "Classic" design, made with more petite glass seed beads, pearls, and crystals!

She loves my signature {jewelry by jessica theresa} colors, so I took that super-amazing-color-combo if I do say do myself, and went to town! I added more strands and some extra magenta and fuchsia to give it a fun WOW factor with that extra punch of pink!

I have decided that I am making a replica of this for MYSELF! I love the look of the bazillion cascading strands of tiny seed beads!

The 10 strands of complimentary colors in the petite beads is a nice break from all the bigger glass beads I often work with.

Signature pink flowers can complete the look!

Each strand has several crystal beads interspersed throughout, so it's super sparkly in the light!

So, she loved it, and decided to make her {[Classic Collection}} necklace into a fabulous {{Mommy and Me Collection}} pair! The {Mommy} has 10 cascading strands of petite seed beads, pearls, and crystals in fabulous shades of light pink, metallic pink, fuchsia, gray, and a darker graphite gray.

The {Me} has 4 matching cascading strands of petite seed beads, pearls, and crystals to replica the {Mommy}!

Add a few signature {jewelry by jessica theresa} flowers to make it a feminine work of art!

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