Friday, November 18, 2011

My Current Creation Obsession...

Next up.....

A necklace that has become my current obsession. I'm totally in love with it, and I'm silently crying inside that I have to package it up and send it off!!!

But it's going to be a fantastic gift that a loyal customer of mine will be giving to her niece! So that makes me happy. :-) I cannot wait to hear her reaction!

The pictures DO NOT do this necklace justice whatsoever. My husband's jaw dropped when he saw it in person this morning, because it just sparkles so much! And of course, you can't tell that in the picture. Booooo.

This necklace is a version of my {[Classic Collection}} - Option #3. It features 10 cascading strands of super shiny glass seed beads in gorgeous shades of pink, magenta, black, and graphite.

If {jewelry by jessica theresa} had an official jewelry "anthem"...this would be it. Tons of pink and black, tons of sparkle, and a big ol' WOWZER statement!

So, what is the appropriate action to take after making a necklace I love??? MAKE ANOTHER ONE!
And ANOTHER ONE! And that one is going on Etsy today. :-) Because I want nothing more than to spread the love!

As long as I have a replica for myself that is....
Just sayin' ;-)

I so wish the photos would show the sparkle....
Because it also features tons of faceted crystals!!

I know I say I'm in love with every creation I make (which is totally true), but I am in SUPER LOVE with this one!

Take good care of it, Shelly! ♥ ♥ ♥

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