Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Fabulous Custom for a Fabulous Customer!

Next up? Another custom!!

My {{Classic Collection}} necklaces seem to be the most popular by far! This is a very good thing, because it's my favorite necklace to make, of course! I find it extremely gratifying to choose the beads. It's never just about throwing some beads on a string for me. My {{jewelry by jessica creations}} are about choosing the right COLOR bead, then choosing the right SIZE bead, and then choosing the right LOCATION for the bead. It's a very meticulous system I have down pat in my head. I'm totally obsessive about bead choice, color, and placement. I'm told that's what sets my creations apart from just plain ol' bead stringing!

This custom was ordered by a FABULOUS loyal customer! This time, she requested a {{Classic Collection}} - Option #3 with 7-8 strands of varying shades of brown, accented by forest green, creamy ivory, and a hint of gold.

Since this color combo tends to take on a very "earthy" vibe, I decided to incorporate lots of brown stone chips and sandy colored larger stones to really give it a beautiful earthy feel. :-)

This beauty features 8 cascading strands of glass beads, pearls, stones, crystals, seed beads, and stone chips! In pretty shades of chocolate brown, bronze, copper, sandy brown, forest green, sparkly gold, and creamy ivory pearls.

And I added my signature {{jewelry by jessica theresa}} flower to tie everything together in a feminine way!

This lovely flower was handsewn by my fabulous friend Apollonia Dils over at Apples Modern Art :-)
Then I accented the middle of this flower with perfectly coordinating forest green glass beads...just like in the necklace itself!

I think it turned out beautiful! And I hope the recipient loves it too. :-)

Want your very own Classic Collection necklace? Click here!

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