Monday, November 21, 2011

What's Black, Silver, and Green All Over...?

What's Black, gray, and green all over?

My next custom necklace, of course!

My next custom necklace was made with my {{Classic Collection}} - Option #3 design. It features 8 cascading strands of absolutely STUNNING glass beads, pearls, and crystals. The trifecta of this glass bead-pearl-crystal look is totally my favorite by far. I've literally made nearly a hundred necklaces and bracelets now, and I ALWAYS go back to this bead combo!

Everyone seems to love this green-black-gray-silver combo! Which makes me ecstatic, of course! :)

A friend of mine loved my green Classic Collection necklace I made a few weeks ago, so she requested a similar design. :-)

It features varying shades of lime green, sage green, graphite gray, black, and silver.

Each bead was deliberately and carefully threaded by me to lay perfectly across the chest.

I'm extremely meticulous on bead placement. I have a whole system in my head as to what beads can be placed next to/on top of/or underneath one another. This creates the ultimate "cascade" of shine, sparkle, and overall texture

It's a great combination for the Holidays! Green and sparkly silver will make a great {{Statement}} for any Holiday party. Hope she enjoys it!

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