Sunday, November 20, 2011

I've Got The BLUES!

I was quite inspired by the Red {{Classic Collection}} necklace I just made, since it was basically a single overall color (red), highlighted by several different SHADES in the color (brick red, bright red, garnet red, orangy-red, etc).

So. I did the same thing in BLUE!

This necklace features several shades of deep blues and sky blues. No teals or turquoises's seriously BLUE and absolutely awesome in person.

It is also accented by TONS of crystal beads and beautiful almond-colored pearls to give it a little variety.
I cannot even begin to describe how pretty these blues are "IRL" (an internet term I just learned that stands for "In Real Life"). My 4-year old, extremely color-conscious son exclaimed "Wow Mama! That is SO BLUE!" when he saw it this morning! :-)
This necklace would look AWESOME with denim.
So much blue! I use all glass beads, so you can be sure my necklaces are made with awesome quality beads.
And of course a flower to give it my signature staple! Thanks Apples Modern Art!!!
Apple is my girl. She makes my signature flowers happen! And then I like to add my special touch to match the flowers to each necklace. :-)
I sewed some coordinating blue beads to the middle of this flower to really tie the entire necklace all together. It's so awesomely coordinated!
Nowadays, all my necklaces and bracelets feature a 2-inch extender chain to make it very versatile and very easily adjustable.
It's going to Etsy! So go check it out!

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