Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Time to Officially Introduct....{{The Super Statement Collection}}

It's time to officially roll out my next collection....the {{Super Statement Collection}}!

I've been working on this next set of necklaces for awhile now. At first, I wasn't going to promote or sell these necklaces, because they are TRULY works of art. Each one has taken me almost 12 hours to complete, so I think they are going to be REALLY hard to part with unless they are going to a REALLY great home.. :-)

Let me warn you...these {{Super Statement}} necklaces are NOT for the faint of heart.... :-)

This first {[Super Statement}} features all of my favorite bright and cheery colors. Although this color combo doesn't exactly scream "holiday", it will DEFINITELY set you apart from the crowd if worn to a Holiday party! This necklace DEMANDS attention!! <3

I'm not sure if anyone will buy something this awesomely huge and heavy, but let me tell you, this necklace is AMAZING in person!

It features 20....yes TWENTY....beaded strands, cascading in a gorgeous work of art. It's 12 hours of work, and I'm SO proud of it! I don't know if I will ever be able to part with it! It's over $100 worth of beads alone. :-)

I got my inspiration from this fabulous flower made by Apollonia Dils from Apples Modern Art!
The flower features gorgeous bright shades of brown, bright pink, yellow, green, and blue. So...I went to town!

The necklace features 20 beaded, cascading strands in shades of browns, bronze, magenta, fuchsia, pink, green, turquoise blue, gold, and yellow.

It has TONS and TONS of crystals, pearls, and super shiny glass petite beads. I wasn't kidding when I said it DEMANDS attention! <3

I cannot stop staring at it!

I want to make more like this SUPER Statement necklace, but I'm not sure if they will sell. I will have to price them at well over $100, just to cover the cost of the beads alone. Is there an interest? Let me know! I will gladly go to town!!! <3 <3

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